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Book one in the Shadows Saga

From the time Princess Terra Sol was born, she’d heard the stories. Stories of the monsters called shadows. 
Shapeless monstrosities that stalk the woods and dark places of the world. Not existing fully in our plane, these silvery eyed monsters are immune to all weapons; whether they are forged by man or magic. With the ability to lock onto any poor soul foolish enough to meet their eyes, these creatures will stalk their pray to the end of the earth. Making them a formidable foe, but only to those fool enough to go where the shadows roam. 
That is, until one day, ten years before Terra’s birth, when the shadow attacks and their ferocity skyrockets suddenly, leaving hundreds of thousands of people dead. 
It is as the prophecy has predicted. 
The once ambling monsters have taken on a King. 
A King who won’t be happy until he’s eliminated the light from the world. 
Hope isn't lost. 
The prophecy also tells of a princess who will be born to combat the darkness and set the scales of good and evil, light and darkness in balance again. 
She is Diana of Sol. 
Terra’s older sister. 
Knowing the weight of what her sister bears, Terra sacrifices all her life for her sisters continued happiness. For who would deny the savior of mankind anything if they could help it?
Unbeknownst to everyone is the darkness that lives in Diana’s heart. Growing steadily day by day, it slowly consumes the princess. 
It isn't an easy life for Terra, but she’s used to it. 
One day she’s attacked and must bond to the Captain of the Guard, Eric Reynolds, to survive the bloody aftermath. Then she comes face to face with pure Evil. She faces the thing that has haunted her dreams every night. 
The Shadow King. 
Secretly captured by the King and held in a hidden prison under the castle. He will wait until the day Diana is set to fulfill her destiny and strike the monster down. Now forced to be the jail keeper, Terra must sacrifice for Diana, control the flood of emotions that stem from her bond to Eric, and attempt to keep the darkness she faces every time she enters the prison out of her heart. 
After all, a corrupted Terra could mean death for them all.

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Second book in the Shadows Saga

Terra's life is in ruins. 
Her sister, Diana, tried to kill her. First with a knife, and then with a raging fire. 
Everyone stood back and watched as Diana tried to burn her alive, including Eric Reynolds, her first love, and personal guard.
She would have died, 
If not for Gray. 
The man whom had been her prison charge the day before. 
He escaped and saved her, using a power both alien and somehow familiar.
Now on the run from her sister and the darkness she controls, Terra and Gray must find and warn anyone who knows the truth. 
Willing to do anything to catch Terra, Diana sets her sights on those who doubt her story and who love Terra most. 
Terra and Grey must race to save the people she loves. 
Can they get to them in time?
How far is Diana willing to go to catch her sister?
And what will happen between Terra and the two men that love her? 
Is she strong enough to handle the loss this war will bring?


Midnight: Shadows Saga III coming soon

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