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A Long Absence

Hey all. So, it's been a long time and I know I promised to be better about these absences. In my defense, a lot had changed. Let me break it down for you.

Not too long after out last episode at the Egyptian Theater, things at home took a turn. Our landlord wanted the three remaining roommates to sign a new lease and he wanted us to pay more rent. Like $2,500 a month just to keep the shop we'd been promised since the first lease was signed. Which is a crazy amount of money for a home so outdated.

Needles to say, the house was torn.


Or go?

In the end we decided it made more sense to stay where we were and pay a bit more money every month then to try and go our separate ways. We agreed on terms and signed a new leased.

In October the crew went to two really awesome paranormal events, which we still plan to release episodes on, before things went all the way crazy.

We had a roommate who needed the shop for the cars he fixed up. It was necessary to his business, or so he had us belive. About a week into October he announced that rent was too high and he was moving out.

This is the same roommate who made the strongest case for us to stay. He was leaving and would not be paying rent.

Everything at this point went into full crisis mode.

I called the landlord who told us that he understood and he was sorry to hear what had happened and asked us to just pay what we could.

Which we did.

Now things turned into a numbers game. How much time could we afford to spend living in the house just the two of us? How much more wouldn it cost us to move now instead of waiting? And would the last two roommates stay together or go our separate ways?

In the Middle of all of this, was a trip I had planned to take to California to see my mother, my sister, and my niece. My sister and her family live in Missouri, as such I do not see them often. When opportunity came up for all of us to be in California the same time, I jumped at it.

So now I had to be in California for two weeks at the end of October and still find a place to live in Utah. I know I probably should have forgone the trip, given all that was happening at home. But that is one trip I will never regret.

By the time I got to California, I had already made a plan with a friend in Idaho to come and stay with her and her husband for a little while. So I moved my stuff into storage, leaving only the biggest items in the house, packed my dog and my suitcase and headed to California.

I think one of the big reasons why I went, given all that was going on, is that part of me realised it would be the last trip I could take to California for quite some time. I wanted to see my family and I wanted to see my friend Tim who I had been planning on coming to see for months. Why not one last trip before I settled into living live on a sofa or a borrowed RV?

Well the trip was amazing. Seeing my sister again after so long was wonderful, and while she was not in the best mood for part of the trip, seeing my niece was a gift.

Around the second night in town I went to see Tim and his three sons and, even though it had been almost ten years since I had seen him, it was like no time had passed.

We watched stars together, the boys showed off the chickens they had, and the chickens pooped all over the trampoline we were supposed to be using to lay on and watch the meteor shower.

But I came back the next night.

And a few nights later.

And on Halloween, after a day filled with Covid appropriate fun, Tim kissed me under the light of the blue moon, while shooting stars streaked across the sky.

Two weeks later I came back to California and helped him and the boys pack and move to Utah to live with me in the big house that I now occupied alone.

On December 3rd he proposed and in a few weeks we will be married.

I went to California a single, unattached woman and came back in a committed relationship and a step-mother two three very rambunctious, wonderful boys.

In January we got word that we might lose the house. The woman who lived next to us had died and her sons were getting things ready to sell the house.

It took a few months to get to the conclusion of things, but by the end the house sold in record time and my landlord let us know that they would be selling out house and we would have to leave.

When we were unable to find a place in time, he gave us a 30 day notice.

About 35 days later, we finally found a house, not the one we wanted, the hOuse itself is fine but the yard is way smaller than what we had wanted. But its a house for my family, a phrase that confounds me still.

If you want to read more about me a Tim and our adventures, and our story, you can find here:

That all being said, we are finally settling in and starting to get things going again with the podcast.

I’m sorry I’ve been away for so long.

I promise you this time I will not be away again.

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